Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Relay winners...

What a great day we had at Athletics' day today! The children all participated with such enthusiasm, giving everything a go and having a lot of fun!

Well done to the Kahikatea 15 relay teams for winning the Year 3 and 4 races! We are very proud of your team work - no dropped batons!

K15 Year 4

K15 Year 3

K15 Year 3 and 4 Winners!!!

Sunday, 26 November 2017


We have had a few cases of headlice across our hub recently. Please can you check your child's hair and treat if necessary, to hopefully prevent further spreading!

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Notes and Reminders Term 4 Week 6

It is hard to believe how quickly this term is racing by! With Show Week now over our school pool is scheduled to open. Lets hope for some nice warm days to finish the term!

Kahikatea Hub have swimming on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, plus every other Monday. K15/16 and K17/18 will be alternating the single Monday slot. We suggest that the children bring their togs to school every day, as occasionally we do get the chance to swim on a different day with classes out on trips or camps. The children need to bring their swimming togs, towel and rash top if they have one in a separate bag - draw string bags are great as it prevents things from falling out. This is a time when items of clothing tend to get lost, so please can you check that your child's clothing is named - thank you.

We will continue with our athletic practises this week ready for the Year 3/4 athletics day next Tuesday (28th November), with the postponement day being Thursday 30th November. The children are encouraged to wear suitable house coloured mufti to school on this day, as well as trainers. A letter will go out this week with further details.

Up and Coming Dates

Beach Education
K15 and K16 Wednesday 6th December
K17 and K18 Thursday 7th December

Monday 11 December - 'Sports Canterbury Top Team Challenge' 

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Newsletter Week 5

Last week the children all enjoyed beginning their athletics rotation for physical education. They are very busy learning the correct techniques for each athletic event for Athletics Day in week 7.

Sports Canterbury Top Team Challenge - Monday 11 December 
Today the children have brought home a notice about our 'Top Team Challenge' morning on Monday 11 December at school. If you haven't yet seen this, please have a look in your child's bag. We require two parent/caregiver helpers from each home class to run this event. We really appreciate your ongoing support with school events and hope you can join us for our celebration of learning for the year.

Beach Education
Thank you to all the families that have returned the 'pink permission form' for Beach Education. Please see your home class teacher if you know you have not signed this yet. As this school trip involves water, we require extra permission. Your home class teacher will email you if they are shot on parent/caregiver helpers for the day. We require 6 parents/caregiver helpers from each home class.

This week we will be completing our assessment for the year.

Up Coming Events
Athletics Day Tuesday 28 November (Postponement Thursday 30 November)

Beach Education
K15 and K16 Wednesday 6 December
K17 and K18 Thursday 7 December

'Sports Canterbury Top Team Challenge' Monday 11 December

Have a lovely week and hope you all manage to have a relaxing long weekend at the end!

Trish, Jane, Fiona, Adela and Julie

Friday, 10 November 2017


As part of K15's weekly reading the children researched a question relating to their reading book. They then shared their findings with children from a different reading group.

Oral language

This term Kahikatea's focus is favourite books. The children have to try to 'sell' their book to the class by sharing with them some interesting details, as well as what it is about the book that they really like.

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Long Jump ....

This week Kahikatea have been out practising for our upcoming Athletics Day. 

Here is Harry from K16 showing the correct technique for long jumping.... remember you need...

  • a quick run up
  • to have a one foot take off as close to the front of the mat as possible
  • a two feet landing
  • a forward projection of your body - try not to put your hands down behind you to balance yourself!
  • to walk out the END of the sandpit

You can practise all of these things at home in the backyard!