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Notes and reminders are now added to the front page of the Kahikatea Blog on a Monday.

Welcome to Term 2 Week 3

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We had a great week in Kahikatea Hub last week with the children completing some excellent writing based around the Wind and the Willows novel and running the school cross country on Wednesday. We are certainly very proud of the children’s training, perseverance, determination and amazing effort on the day. Well done to all of you.  Thank you to the parents that came along to support.

Science Alive
Next Tuesday science alive will be working with each class from our hub. The children will be building on and extending their knowledge about Buildings and Structures. We require at least 2-3 parents to help at each classroom session. A separate note has come home today requesting helpers. We would appreciate these back as soon as possible. Thanks.

Mufti Day Wednesday
Please support child cancer research by allowing your child to wear mufti on Wednesday and giving a gold coin donation.

PTA News
Each Friday $2. Pay on the day outside Room 14 or in the foyer if it is wet.  
A reminder to purchase an Entertainment book. A great fundraiser for the school and many savings to had for the family. Place your order either at the school office or https://www.entertainmentbook.co.nz/orderbooks/134943x.
Notes and Reminders
Welcome to Term 2 Week 2
Acorn Values.jpg
Notes and Reminders

Cross Country
This event will be held on Wednesday 10th May at English Park. If the weather is not suitable, the postponement date is Thursday 11th May. We encourage the children to wear their house colours and have some warm layers of clothing, as it can get cold in the stands whilst they are supporting others and waiting to race. Families are welcome to watch their child’s race. The best place to watch in at English Park and the 2 bays closest to the Port Hills have been allocated to parents. Please be there in plenty of time and keep clear of the entrance to English Park as this forms part of the course. Approximate times for our races are:
11.55 – Year 4 Girls
12.05 – Year 4 Boys
12.15 – Year 3 Girls
12.25 – Year 3 Boys

When supporting your child with their spelling words please encourage them to explain to you the pattern or rule that they are focusing on. Understanding the rule/pattern is the key focus in order for children to be able to transfer their knowledge of spelling when writing unfamiliar words. If your child requires more challenge with their spelling words they are encouraged to add 4 trickier words to their list that follow the same rule/pattern.

Maths Bricks
It was great to see so many children ready to be tested on their maths brick on Friday, with lots ready to move on to the next one and some just requiring a little more practise. It is often the sums with missing numbers that catch the children out and need a little more work e.g.  ___+12=20  or 5x__=30

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