Monday, 27 March 2017

Exciting parcels arrived in K17 and K18 today.

This month both our classes received a mystery box from the courier post. We were given a job to write postcards and complete a poster all about ourselves and our class. It was really exciting to contribute and work on this project together. The courier picked up our parcels and they were delivered to the schools we were given. K17 sent theirs to Room 10 at Napier Central School and K18 sent theirs to Room 12 at Hamilton West School.

Today we were so excited to receive our own courier parcels and open them together. We read the poster together and then the 32 postcards. We joined them all together and read the message it created. Once we had worked in our home-base we joined together and looked at our schools online. K17 were excited to see Room 10's blog. We hope to keep in contact and become pen-pals.
Yay. Thanks heaps Room 10 from Napier Central. WE love our poster. 

Reading the awesome postcards and creating the secret message. 

Our very cool postcards and awesome message. 

K17's poster that we sent to Napier Central School. 

K18's poster that we sent to Hamilton West School.

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