Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Junk People...

Our Term 2 theme "Construction" is well underway and we are enjoying learning about the amazing "architecture" within our own world and beyond.  We are keen to explore the ways we can use everyday materials to build both simple and more complex structures, to learn techniques used to join and fix materials and to test our thinking, ideas and team work in technology based "structural challenges".  

We also plan to create 'tin people' as part of our hub art over the next week. From the pictures attached you can see how everyday items make effective pieces of art! We would love each child brings in a clean tin, with the label "soaked" off, as well as a variety of 'bits and pieces' that can be used to plan and create a tin person.  Good items would include nuts and bolts, buttons, milk lids, nails, wishing stones etc - you can be creative as you like!  We plan to start these on FRIDAY next week so would appreciate your child bring their items in by WEDNESDAY MAY 31 in a named bag that can be kept in their locker.  We look forward to seeing our children's creative ideas!  

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