Sunday, 4 June 2017

Term 2 Week 6 Notes and Reminders

Tin People
Thank you to all the families that have organised the materials for our art and have brought them into school. The children have been very excited with starting to paint, design and create their  ‘tin person’.

If you have any spare tins, can you please bring them into your child’s hub teacher for those children that do not have a tin. It would be very much appreciated.

Scroll down the page for a blurb and suggestions of what your child could add to the ‘tin person’ too.

This week we will be continuing our testing for mid year reporting. If children do not take a reading book home, it is encouraged that they read a book of their choice from home instead.

Jackets and Clothing
Please make sure that all school clothing and possessions are named. This makes it easier to give back if lost.

Friendly Reminder                                                                                                                      Children are not allowed in or around the classroom area until the 8.30am bell. If your child arrives before this time, they need to wait by the Bilingual Unit or courts. Teachers are preparing for the day and do not want to be disturbed. If your child arrives after 9am, they need to go to the office to get a late slip.

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